The Black Forest Thriller

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Exciting regional thriller in which the forest & nature around the Hornisgrinde plays an important role.
Author: Bernd Leix

The horror on the bark!

Where is Willibald Zapf? There has been no sign of him for days. The dedicated teacher knows more about the flora and fauna of the Black Forest than almost anyone else and is very active in nature conservation. Inevitably, he also makes himself unpopular and painfully steps on the toes of many an environmental offender. Has he now crossed a line? Has he tangled with someone who ticks off and strikes back cruelly?

There are signs that a severed leg sticking out of the high moor of the Hornis-grinde could belong to Zapf. Hundreds of thick green blowflies feast in the sweltering heat of midsummer on the naked lower leg, which is now adorned only by an old hiking boot ...

Marie Schwarz and Gottfried Wald, the detectives of the "Schwarzwald Investigation Group", give free rein to their intuition and come across surprising clues until they suddenly become targets themselves. Only by reacting with lightning speed do they escape a deadly assassination by a hair's breadth ...

Paperback format with soft cover
and color illustrations.

Design, printing and binding in the Black Forest

The author is Black Forest through and through! Bernd Leix, born in Klosterreichenbach in 1963, studied forestry and has lived in the Kinzig Valley for a long time. For many years, he was the district forester in charge of the forests around the small monastery town of Alpirsbach.
Since 2005 he has published numerous regional crime novels in which forest and nature always play an important role.

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