We cordially invite you to our wellness world with a view over the heights of the Black Forest, to forget everyday life, let go and treat yourself to what you have long since earned.

The soothing treatments of our massage team will make your stay even more pleasant and a source of strength for body and soul.

A treatment in our world of well-being applies:







Ayurvedic full body oil massage is the heart of Ayurvedic beauty care. This balancing and loving head, face and full body massage stimulates the body's self-healing powers and pampers you with precious warm oil. In the process, the detoxification of the body is promoted, the body can regenerate, relax and be revitalized with new energy. Close your eyes and dive into the world of enchantment.

Pampering time approx. 100 min. 104,-

During the strongly circulation-promoting plucking massage with naturally pure, domestic honey, tensions in the shoulder-back area are intensively released. Stimulates metabolism, supports purification and activation of the immune system.

Pampering time approx. 60 min. € 72,-

In a short time you will achieve deep relaxation with a hot stone back and face massage. This massage is performed with warm basalt stones.

Pampering time approx. 50 min. € 64,-

Includes: foot bath, foot scrub & massage, toenail cutting & filing, callus removal.

Pampering time without nail polish: approx. 30 min. € 39,-.

Pampering time with nail polish: approx. 60 min. € 59,-.


A stimulating vital exfoliation provides soft and pleasant skin at the beginning of this dynamic massage. This vigorous massage activates leg and foot circulation, supported by a coordinated sportsman's balm. Perfectly suited for stressed legs after a long day of hiking.

Pampering time approx. 40 min. € 54,-

This special massage method relieves tension in the neck area and promotes blood circulation. By massaging in a day care and intensive serum, the skin is intensively cared for and supplied with active ingredients.

pampering time approx. 30 min. € 42,-

The grape seed foot peeling provides fine peeling grains for tender and soft skin on your feet. The peeling has a stimulating effect and provides better blood circulation.

>> Only in combination with a massage

Pampering time approx. 15 min. € 12,-

This gentle full-body peeling with cherry stone oil is an intense fragrance experience. The peeling grains gently remove dead skin cells and provide the skin with valuable ingredients.

>> Only in combination with a massage

Pampering time approx. 15 min. € 22,-

The perfectly coordinated body wrap rounds off your feel-good moment.

Pampering time approx. 40 min. € 49,-

A full-body peeling with gentle exfoliating grains before the massage dissolves dead skin cells and ensures better blood circulation in the skin. Active ingredients can penetrate better.

The result: you will be rewarded with smoother, softer skin.

>> Only in combination with a massage

Pampering time approx. 15 min. € 18,-


Powerful, activating massage for back, legs and feet. With relaxing music and a quiet ambience, let us massage the miles you have traveled out of your legs.

Pampering time approx. 50 min. € 54,-

Let us massage you according to your wishes. Your back hurts, your legs are heavy or you just want to relax? Tell us what you feel like at the moment and we will choose according to our intuition different grips from our versatile training.

Pampering time approx. 60 min. 64,-
Pampering time approx. 90 min. 94,-


A gentle massage of the feet, which activates the self-healing powers in people and helps to feel good in yourself, to drop stress and everyday worries and thus prevent mental and physical suffering. Blockages can be dissolved and thus a free flow of energy can be restored.

Pampering time approx. 50 min. € 54,-

This centuries-old massage is much more than just laying on warm stones. Through targeted hand movements you achieve a deep mental and physical balance and the warmth of the stones penetrates into the deeper body zones. The energy flow is harmonized.

Pampering time approx. 60 min. € 104,-

After a stressful day, a hike or after sports, muscles and joints call out for relaxation. This combination of mud pack, back massage and vital balm stimulates blood circulation and supports regeneration.

Pampering time approx. 60 min € 69,-.

Everyone knows you: tension in the neck or back. Moor contains a particularly large number of active ingredients that can provide relief from pain, rheumatic complaints and tension, simply and without side effects.

Pampering time approx. 50 min. € 54,-

A soothing, relaxing moment for mother and child.
Start with a pleasant foot bath and exfoliation. This is followed by a gentle full-body massage tailored to you. In addition, blockages in the upper back area are released with warm basalt stones.

Pampering time approx. 60 min. € 64,-

This massage, developed by Tibetan monks, has a very deep effect in its gentleness and therefore reaches us on many levels.
The special technique of both juicy and strong, slow and flowing movements with the flat hand and fingertips just in contact with the skin can activate self-healing powers, release blockages, as well as achieve deep relaxation.

Pampering time approx. 60 min. € 59,-

Scents caress your senses and have a healing power on body, mind and soul. Essential oils are absorbed into the body through the nose and through the skin and can develop their positive effect in these ways. You decide for yourself which oil is best for you at the moment. From soothing to invigorating.

Pampering time approx. 90 min. € 104,-

During this massage, you will first immerse your feet in a warm, soothing fir forest foot bath, while you can forget about everyday life during a relaxing head massage. Afterwards, your spine will be stretched and stretched during the Breuss back massage with warm St. John's wort oil.

Pampering time approx. 60 min € 69,-.

In order for us to take your wishes into account, we recommend that you reserve the application before your arrival. We are happy to help you by phone at 07842/99286 and under rezeption@mummelsee.de or you can simply use our inquiry form:

Please inform us of any health restrictions or pregnancies prior to your appointment.
We will be happy to advise you personally in order to put together an optimal application for you.

Out of consideration for our other guests, we ask for your understanding that if you are late, the treatment time will be shortened accordingly.

Our treatments can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment, in case of a later cancellation we have to charge 100% of the costs if the appointment cannot be given to someone else.

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