The Mummelsee adventure world delights you with untouched nature in the middle of the Black Forest High Road. Halfway between Baden Baden and Freudenstadt you will find here an ideal starting point for many excursions and adventure trips.

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Grind Path

(Distance: 1 KM)

The Hornisgrinde, directly above the Mummelsee is with 1.164 m NHN the highest elevation in the northern Black Forest. Experience the lookout tower, the magnificent views and the unique high moor landscape. The Grinden Trail on the Hornisgrinde is an adventure trail for the whole family. With its 12 stations, it invites you to join in.

Black Forest National Park

"Letting nature be nature" is the most important goal of the Black Forest National Park. The vast majority of the area in Germany is and will be shaped by us humans. In the national park, nature is allowed to develop freely. Here, we humans are allowed to be prudent and observant guests. Since January 1, 2014, the forest in the Black Forest National Park has been allowed to become a little wilder again, the motto is: "Let nature be nature". From the rare three-toed woodpecker to the bark beetle - there is room for everyone in the national park. The fastest bird in the world, the peregrine falcon, is just as much at home here as the smallest owl in Europe, the pygmy owl. Even seemingly dead wood sprouts new life.
The wild beauty of the Black Forest, the astonishing diversity of nature unfolding freely. You can experience all of this in the Black Forest National Park. Covering around 10,000 hectares (100 km²) between Baden-Baden and Freudenstadt, Baden-Württemberg's first national park was established on January 1, 2014.
By 2044 at the latest, humans will no longer intervene in natural processes on three quarters of the area. Just observe, learn and marvel. (Photo: Daniel Müller)


(Distance: 8 KM)

The Mummelsee Village. The climatic health resort Seebach is located in a unique Black Forest landscape, whose character is determined by the forested mountains and the agriculturally used valley areas Unforgettable hiking and nature experiences are guaranteed by the magnificent forests, lush green orchards, numerous mountain streams, high rock groups, impressive viewpoints and grazing cattle herds.


(Distance: 10 KM)

A crazy fun: with a speed of up to 40 km/h on steel rails through 11 steep curves that it just rushes. The bobsleds are connected to the rails in a derailment-proof manner and the pilots are strapped in. Total length of 1,000 m. Also at Mehliskopf: Germany's largest climbing garden, the bungy trampolines or brand new is the cool descents with bullcarts.
The Mehliskopf is the longest ski run in the northern Black Forest with up to four double-bar surface lifts with snow-making equipment. At the valley
downhill you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Rhine plain.

Wilderness trail

(Distance: 12 KM)

The wilderness trail on the Plättig (on the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse in the direction of Bühlerhöhe) is a special experience for anyone who wants to discover and take hold of the forest wilderness. The wilderness trail is 4.5 km long. It leads through a 70-hectare storm-walled area created by hurricane Lothar in 1999.

Lynx Trail

(Distance: 12 KM)

The Baden-Baden lynx trail aims to provide information about the lynx's way of life, reduce fears and reservations, and promote acceptance of lynxes. Families with children in particular will find a varied and exciting range of games and experiences on the trail.

Lothar Trail

(Distance: 14 KM)

The Baden-Baden lynx trail aims to provide information about the lynx's way of life, reduce fears and reservations, and promote acceptance of lynxes. Families with children in particular will find a varied and exciting range of games and experiences on the trail.


(Distance: 20 KM)

The shopping and vacation city, wants to be discovered. In airy-fresh altitude, there is a lot to do and explore here. Unusual: the marketplace as a central attraction. It is not only the largest in Germany, but also unique due to its shape. It crowns the central hub of the city, which was laid out in the shape of a mill board. Surrounded by weatherproof arcades with numerous stores, cafés and restaurants that tempt you to shop, stroll and feast. A special highlight are the water games with 50 fountains at the Lower Market Square. Not only for the children. Another special city tour tip: the Duke Friedrich Tour with a suitably dressed "city guide".


(Distance: 25 KM)

Are you looking for extraordinary art and cultural experiences? Urban variety to pure nature? Then Baden-Baden is more than worth a trip. If you don't want to miss anything worth knowing there, follow the trained guides. There are great themed tours: Great musicians or writers in Baden-Baden. Backstage at the Festspielhaus. The rose garden in the Beutig. "2000 years of Baden-Baden history". Carriage rides through the park and old town. The State Art Gallery and the Frieder Burda Museum in Lichtentaler Allee. The thermal baths Caracalla-Therme and Friedrichsbad. Or enjoy the unique elegance of the "Belle Epoque" with a concert, a visit to the casino, a midnight dinner or a glittering ball night in the Kurhaus.

Open-air museum

(Distance: 55 KM)

Experience the Black Forest as it was back then: In the open-air museum Vogtsbauernhof. How did people live in the Black Forest in the past? Turn back time and experience history as a sensual experience. Where once the magnificently preserved Vogtsbauernhof stood alone in the open countryside, today numerous historic buildings from a wide variety of Black Forest regions bring times long past to life: six fully furnished farms, the day laborer's house and 15 outbuildings such as mills, saws, barns, stables, chapel, storehouse and a Leibgedinghaus invite you on a journey through the diversity of Black Forest cultures.

Europa Park

(Distance: 78 KM)

Experience Germany's largest theme park. At Europa-Park, fantastic worlds of experience with numerous adventure offers entice you on an area of 85 hectares. Over 100 exciting attractions and international shows provide plenty of fun, excitement and unforgettable moments for the whole family.

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