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The year-round vacation atmosphere at Mummelsee makes the whole family happy. Children and teenagers will never get bored. There is always something to experience. Not to forget: The legendary world of the lake, the stories and fairy tales that the king of Mummelsee always likes to tell.


Bake your own cool wood-fired bread (dry weather permitting, registration requested), experience exciting adventures at the forest playground. Natural history around the lake, herbs and grasses, trees and forest fruits - there is so much to discover, guess and explain.

Baking bread for children with Anton

Here the little "master bakers" are in demand! If you want to bake your own bread, you are welcome at the Mummelsee - Bake crusty bread yourself, Anton shows how it's done!

For children from 5 years! Always on Saturdays from May - September at 16:00 (only in good weather).

Adventure with

Timmi and Mummi

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